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Prep & Go Food Diaries: How a Food Truck Owner Manages Her Week

Erica Lavelanet of @ericalave owns and operates Baba, a plant-based food truck in upstate New York. She paired our Prep & Go Containers with Melissa's Produce for her food diary.

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In OXO Food Diaries, we gave friends of the brand our new Prep & Go reusable food containers (and accessories) to see how they stood up to everyday life. Here’s how Erica used Prep & Go for a week of meals, picnics and hiking.

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FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X

Day 1: 

I spend time meal prepping on either Sunday or Monday nights. My go-to is brown rice with grilled seasonal veggies plus fruit a la Melissa's Produce. I portion out one cup of brown rice per serving and add the veg medley to the side.

FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X
FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X

Day 2: 

The middle of the week gets busy and it helps me stay creative and focused when I know I can rely on delicious and healthy meals I’ve already prepared. I take the Prep & Go sandwich container in my tote and lunch is easily served wherever I am.

FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X
FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X
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FoodDiary EricaDay UpPortrait X EXTRA

Day 5: 

Went for a morning hike and came home to eat breakfast before taking on the day. Enjoyed the mango salad from my Prep & Go container with some freshly brewed tea.

Shop our whole line of Prep & Go containers and see how a mom of three plans for a busy week of work, meal prep and picnics.

Day 3: 

We took the food truck up to the Catskills and I had just enough time to grab a juice and some fruit. One thing about me is: I love taking snacks to go! A seasonal fruit salad, like this one with mango and plum, guarantees an instant pick-me-up on busy days.

Day 4: 

Shared a picnic lunch in style with some friends. I brought a kale salad, tun-o sandwich, vegan cheese, rice ‘n’ grilled veggies, plus a mango x plum side. All of it stayed picnic-ready in the Prep & Go containers. 


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