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Prep & Go Food Diaries: How a Mom of Three Prepares for a Busy Week

Utah resident Melody Forsyth of @downwithadventure is a full-time nurse and mom of three kids. Melody's youngest daughter Ruby was born with Down syndrome. Melody is a Down syndrome advocate, inspiring families to connect through adventure.

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In OXO Food Diaries, we gave friends of the brand our new Prep & Go reusable food containers (and accessories) to see how they stood up to everyday life. Here's how Melody used Prep & Go for a week of meals, work and family time.

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Day 1:

Prepared lunch for Vic while making dinner. Chicken teriyaki meatballs, rice, pesto zucchini and raspberries. I even added a sauce to add to the meatballs but packed it separately so they don't get soggy.

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Day 2:

Taco salad is always a great hit with my family so I made extra to take for lunch. It's so easy to keep all the ingredients separate so I can still enjoy a crisp salad at work. I was planning to take some fresh raspberries but the kids finished all the raspberries that I had planned to take to work. They were washed and prepped in the fridge and they ate every single one!!

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Day 3:

On Wednesday I had a 12-hour shift at night. I prepped ahead of time by packing(Opens in a new window) my favorite foods and snacks. Salmon, couscous, peppers and ranch and of course a cupcake. At 1:00 am I finally get a break. I heated up my salmon and couscous and ate in the break room. That cupcake gave me an extra surge of energy to finish my shift.

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