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Prep & Go Food Diaries: How One Couple Living on a School Bus Spends Their Week

Two people. Five pets. One refurbished school bus. Rachel & Adam of @soulfulbuslife take Prep & Go on the open road.

3 min read

In OXO Food Diaries, we gave friends of the brand our new Prep & Go reusable food containers (and accessories) to see how they stood up to everyday life. Here’s how Rachel & Adam used Prep & Go for a week of working, coaching and meal prepping.

FoodDiary RachelAdam UpPortrait X ExtraInCase
FoodDiaries RachelAdam UpPortrait X

Day 1: 

We have been having a very fun but busy summer. So meal prep has become an important part of our weekly routine. Today, I am doing some lunch prep to help us get through those busy afternoons. I am cooking up a batch of quinoa & brown rice & roasting some veggies & tempeh. Once everything is done I can sort it out into our Prep & Go Containers so it’s easy to throw into Adam’s lunch bag in the morning, and mine will be ready & waiting in the fridge. This meal prep is going to make our upcoming lunches so much easier!

FoodDiary RachelAdam UpPortrait X
FoodDiary RachelAdam UpPortrait X

Day 2: 

You would think working from home means I have a lot of free time, but that isn’t the case most days. I have work to do plus five animals that are always needing something. Today I’m enjoying my prepped lunch meal while answering more work emails. I love that I can just grab my Prep & Go Containers straight from the fridge and have my meal ready to go. Everything stays fresh and separated so that when hunger strikes, I don’t even have to think about what I’m going to eat.

Day 3: 

Adam’s schedule can be the most unpredictable due to his job. He also coaches workout classes once a week for most of the day. So his schedule is what helped prompt us to start prepping our meals. In the morning I can throw our Prep & Go Containers into a lunch bag so he can not only have a nutritious lunch but a variety of snacks when he’s ready. No more worrying about if he’s getting enough food throughout the day.

Day 4: 

I’m always down for some healthy snacks but I’m much better at eating them if they're already prepped. I go right out to the garden and pick blueberries, putting them into my container with colander. The berries can be rinsed directly in the container and then stored. Yum!

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