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Cool Off with Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice from Ann Chen

Cool Off with Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice from Ann Chen

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Ann Chen (of @annlettering) creates her favorite memory from Taiwan: a recipe for Mango Shaved Ice. Find out her secret for how to cut up a mango with confidence.

Ann, a muralist and letterer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, uses lettering to make meaningful connections with viewers. Sharing stories and ideas, her vibrant and playful work is inspired by daily musings. We’re partnering with Ann to share what she’s cooking at home, how she stays organized and more.

Ann’s recipe for Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice is inspired by her favorite memory of visiting the bustling night markets of Taiwan with her family as a kid. Bonus: no fancy ice machine required!

mango slicer and scoop

Cutting up a mango can be daunting. They’re slippery, oddly shaped and it’s challenging to remove all of the fruit from the skin. To make cutting the mango less intimidating, Ann uses the Mango Slicer with Scoop and is able to get all of the mango goodness off the peel.

mango shaved ice
scooping mango

Ann says, “To create shaved ice, freeze milk in a large ice cube tray overnight. I used lactose-free milk (I’m lactose-SENSITIVE.). Get your riped mangos sliced! Grab a frozen milk cube and use a folded paper towel to protect your fingers and grip the ice. Grate 2-3 milk cubes over a bowl. Add your mangos and a scoop of ice cream. Finish off with a drizzle of condensed milk. Mine is coconut milk for that tropical touch.”

Looking for more ideas using mango? Try these kid-friendly chocolate covered mango whales.

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