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The Best Fruits and Vegetables in Season in November

Use our guide to find the freshest seasonal fall produce for November, tips and tools for preparing it, and recipe ideas.

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November is the unofficial start of the holiday season. Whether you're deciding which colorful, veggie-packed Thanksgiving side(Opens in a new window) to cook or picking the perfect fruity dessert recipe(Opens in a new window) to serve, it's important to stock up on the fruits and vegetables that will be in their prime this fall. Read on to see what’s in season this November.


Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a staple in November—we like to peel and spiralize ours using the fettuccine blade on the Tabletop Spiralizer(Opens in a new window), then bake it with cinnamon for a sweeter option, or coarse salt and thyme for a savory squash. Although cutting squash can be tough(Opens in a new window), it's one of our favorite vegetables to spiralize(Opens in a new window) because it breaks down in just a few seconds.

Brussel RadishMandolin Edit

Brussels Sprouts

Often a polarizing piece of produce, Brussels sprouts are in season in October(Opens in a new window), November and December. We like to shred them into a pan, then sauté them with apples (also in season!(Opens in a new window)) to balance out their slightly bitter flavor with something sweeter. 

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato season is a personal favorite—this versatile veggie (okay, it’s a starch) is ideal for meal prep(Opens in a new window), making into a dessert (sweet potato pie, anyone?), or even pureeing for your little one(Opens in a new window). We also like to use a Mandoline(Opens in a new window) to turn our sweet potatoes into healthy chips(Opens in a new window), because if there’s anything we love more than fall produce, it’s snacking(Opens in a new window)

Cranberry Pie



If November makes you think Thanksgiving(Opens in a new window), and that makes you inevitably think about cranberry sauce, that’s because cranberries are at their peak in November – we’re big fans of homemade cranberry dishes(Opens in a new window) but we also like to use the bright berries as pie filling, freeze-and-bake cranberry sauce(Opens in a new window) or with a sprig of rosemary to create festive ice cube ideas(Opens in a new window).


Pears are going to be ripe, juicy, and all around delicious at this time of year. Cube them for a sweet addition to a green salad, or just slice them(Opens in a new window) and add some flavorful flair to a cheese platter for snacking. Plus, try using pears to make leftover wine(Opens in a new window).

In Citrus Juicer Citrus Halves

Citrus Fruits

Citrusy notes are the perfect way to bring bright flavors to your fall-inspired dishes. Fruits like oranges, kumquats, lemons and grapefruits all go into season in November, which means they’ll be at their juiciest (and most delicious). This Citrus Squeezer(Opens in a new window) is the go-to tool for juicing your fall citrus fruits. Whip up citrus rum punch(Opens in a new window) or use leftover lemon to make this easy candied citrus peel recipe(Opens in a new window)

Bought too much produce? Learn how to store fruits and vegetables(Opens in a new window) and great spiralizer recipes for fall.


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