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The 5 Best Tools For Making Delicious Mashed Potatoes

From potato mashers to ricers and food mills, these tools are specially engineered to make the process of mashing potatoes even easier.

3 min read

At OXO, we’re experts on the topic of mashed potatoes (we've had a lot of practice!(Opens in a new window)). Whether you're craving silky smooth, whipped potatoes or you're aiming for something a bit more rustic, check out the five best tools that'll help create the mashed potatoes(Opens in a new window) of your dreams.

Classic Potato Masher

Shaped like a classic wire masher, this tool is ideal for creating the type of home-style mashed potatoes grandma used to make. If you're a fan of including skins in mashed potatoes, the classic OXO Potato Masher(Opens in a new window) is the way to go. Powerful yet comfortable, this tool is not only for potatoes, but also works well for yams, carrots or any other root vegetable(Opens in a new window).

Nylon Potato Masher

Cooking with non-stick? The OXO Nylon Potato Masher(Opens in a new window) is heat-resistant, up to 400°F and safe for both non-stick cookware(Opens in a new window) and dishwashers. Equipped with a trusty non-slip grip, this sturdy potato masher produces similar results to our classic potato masher.

Smooth Potato Masher

Featuring a fine grid stainless steel mashing plate, the OXO Smooth Potato Masher(Opens in a new window) yields smooth mashed potatoes with minimal lumps. Plus, this tool's innovative design puts less pressure on hands with a soft, horizontal handle that allows for pushing straight down.


Potato Ricer

If you're dreaming of silky smooth mashed potatoes, a potato ricer(Opens in a new window) is the perfect tool. Rather than mashing, ricers actually press potatoes through a mesh disk to produce small, rice-like pieces. The OXO 3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer(Opens in a new window) even allows for customization with the twist of a dial, for results from fine to coarse. Tired of peeling your potatoes? If you're using a ricer, unpeeled potatoes are easily transformed into smooth, skinless, mashed potatoes – no peeling necessary.

potato masher

Food Mill

While the OXO Food Mill(Opens in a new window) part strainer(Opens in a new window), part masher  yields a similar texture to a ricer, it comes in handy for larger batches. Three legs fold out so that the mill can easily rest on top of the pot and a larger inner bowl means many pounds of potatoes are a cinch to mash with the twist of the handle. Plus, learn how to use a food mill(Opens in a new window) like a professional.

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