OXO Kids Cooking School: Watercolor Cookies

Looking for an easy cooking project for kids? Try these watercolor cookies, which are not only delicious but look beautiful too.

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While our daily lives might look a little different right now, especially with little ones at home all day, we’re launching a new series of cooking projects for kids. The projects will make a simple lunch more silly, a standard sugar cookie more beautiful and everyday snacks a lot more special. 

Each week, OXO friend Yvonne Lin (@eatyourmonsters) is sharing a new activity that brings you and your little ones into the kitchen. The idea is not to bring on more dishes or mess, but bring fun and maybe even be a good learning moment in the kitchen with your kids.

Yvonne is a designer and the mom to a 2 and a 5-year-old. With fussy, picky eaters on her hands, Yvonne could only handle so much pretending. So, she started creating artsy cooking projects for her kids. The criteria is minimal work and clean up, make-able with kid-level hand coordination and must be super fun.

Week 1: Watercolor Cookies

Using a simple sugar cookie as a canvas, these watercolor cookies let you play with mixing colors, painting techniques and designs.

Watercolorcookies Blog
Watercolorcookies Blog

Once you’ve mastered watercolor cookies, cook up some fun with these kid-friendly recipes that will get your little ones involved in dinner prep, too.


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