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Introducing Little Green Chefs made possible by OXO

Free, food-focused online learning and kid-friendly recipes.

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One of the best parts of summer is enjoying in season produce. As many families are spending this summer closer to home, we recognize the need for fun, educational, edible activities to do together. We want to share our love for seasonal produce with our families, so we’re excited to partner with Big Green(Opens in a new window), a nonprofit organization that creates healthy spaces where kids can learn and grow, to sponsor an accessible, free content series, Little Green Chefs.(Opens in a new window) 

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Little Green Chefs is an 8-week virtual learning program that engages kids and families to learn about food harvesting, sourcing and storage. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight a fresh, seasonal ingredient and provide kid-friendly recipes, activities and tips on proper storage to make produce last longer.

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LGC Launch BlogCutupsSmallImage X

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