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OXO Kids Cooking School: Tentacle Pancake Art

OXO Kids Cooking School: Tentacle Pancake Art

Words Yvonne Lin

Make your next stack of pancakes come to life with pancake art. Using a squeeze bottle for the batter, create an octopus pancake with your kids.

For Week 7 of OXO Kids Cooking School, we’re showing you how to make pancake art for Tentacle Pancakes.

As a reminder, each week OXO friend Yvonne Lin (@eatyourmonsters) is sharing a new activity that brings you and your little ones into the kitchen. The idea is not to bring on more dishes or mess, but bring fun and maybe even be a good learning moment in the kitchen with your kids.

Check out past weeks of the OXO Kids Cooking School:

pancake art

For more fun with pancakes, try using a batter dispenser for precise pouring and designing.

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