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Gift Guide: DIY Food as Holiday Gifts

Gift Guide: DIY Food as Holiday Gifts

Words Rebecca Ulanoff

If you’re looking to save money this holiday season (really, who isn’t?) and like to give homemade food and useful gear (really, who doesn’t?) then look no further than these DIY gift ideas. These gifts do double duty, and will be sure to please anyone on your list.


Cookie Mix in a POP Container

It’s no secret we love cookies. So we adapted this super delicious Spiced Brown Sugar Cookie recipe from the blog Annie’s Eats for our take on cookie-mix-in-a-jar. You could just as easily substitute your go-to cookie or brownie recipe instead of this one. Just layer all the dry, perishable ingredients in a POP container, and if you want to up the ante, add a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons to round out your gift.


Pizza Tools and Tomato Sauce

We think of pizza as a great equalizer. It’s so easy to make at home, we’re surprised more people don’t do it more often. Arm a pizza lover in your life with homemade sauce in a SNAP glass container along with tools such as a chic, multi-purpose trivet, a non-stick pizza pan, and of course a pizza wheel.


Flavored Salts in Glass Blocks

Flavored salts are the gift that keeps on giving since whoever receives them will use them time and again to season eggs, avocado (or other) toast, popcorn and more. We gift ours in Glass Baby Blocks (they’re not just for tots!) which comes with a convenient storage tray that’s great for stacking. You could just as easily fill up a salt shaker.


Limoncello and Bartending Tools


After making homemade limoncello this summer, our first thought was: yum. Our second thought was: what an awesome gift! Make an aspiring mixologist happy with a bottle vodka and lemons to make the summery liqueur plus the necessary tools—a swivel peeler and strainer—to recreate the recipe.


Homemade Dog Treats and FurLifter

Technically, you could eat these dog treats, but we’d rather you give them to your pooch-obsessed pals and their fur babies. We think homemade dog treats pair nicely with any of our FurLifters, our indispensable pet hair removers. Need a stocking stuffer for a pet lover? The FurLifter On-the-Go brush is a mainstay in many an OXOnian handbag and glove compartment.
What homemade gifts do you like to give?

By Rebecca Ulanoff

Rebecca Ulanoff is part of OXO’s Brand Communications Team. She enjoys talking about her next meal while eating her current one. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and four-year-old daughter.

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