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4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

  • Cleaning & Organizing

    Quick and Simple Ways to Organize Your Bathroom Drawers

    Follow these easy steps to get even the messiest bathroom storage space in shape.

    By Laura Fenton
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    How to Deep Clean a Shower from Head to Floor

    No one likes scrubbing mildewed grout. To cut down on cleaning time in the shower, make a tool kit of hardworking brushes and simple household staples that cater to every task.

    By Apartment Therapy
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    What to Do With All That Tile in the Bathroom

    Not all bathrooms are created equally. Some (see: bathroom of my dreams) include multiple sinks with large vanity mirrors, elegant jacuzzi-style tubs big enough to live in, and a storage closet that can house extra toiletries and towels in case of a surprise guest. While others (see: reality, especially in a New York City apartment) include only the bare bones of a sink, a mirror, a toilet, a tub, and lots of empty tile on the wall. The lack of extra storage space in the bathroom may not feel like a problem at first, but when you’re sharing a bathroom with others, you start to notice how challenging it can be.

    By Joey Lozada
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    Helpful Tips for a Super Clean and Organized Bathroom

    The bathroom has a tendency to get dirty fast, whether it’s the hairballs on the floor, a shower full of water stains and mold, or toothpaste globs in the sink. The bathroom can also become a resting place for our oldest of beauty products, toiletries, and dirty towels. And since this room is specifically used to get clean and freshen up, it should allow you to feel good and fresh. So here are five tips for getting your bathroom sparkling and organized.

    By Tidy Tova
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