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Does Coffee Go Bad? How Storing the Beans Can Affect Flavor

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    How to Use: OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Scale

    A great cup of coffee starts with the beans and for better results, we say grind your beans at home. Conical burr grinders create uniform grinds, which results in better flavor.

    By OXO
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    My Favorite Cup of Pour-Over + Homemade Soy Creamer by Oh, Lady Cakes

    If it wasn’t clear from my old radiator shelfie lined with coffee-making devices, I like coffee. A lot. So much that I drink two or three big mugs of it a day. At one point I tried reducing my coffee intake (you might remember this) but I quickly realized that I feel pretty miserable when I don’t start my day with copious amounts of coffee (and then Thom informed me that I’m also a miserable person to be around when I’m trying to lay off the coffees). Thankfully, a switch flipped and I realized coffee wasn’t entirely to blame – it was the fact that I would drink three mugs of the stuff on an empty stomach. One mug on an empty stomach? Ok. Three? Not a good idea. For anyone. Ever. (more…)

    By Ashlae Warner
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    One Bean, Four Ways

    Really top-notch coffees get compared to wine all the time, with regard to the nuance expressed in their flavors, the effect that terroir has on a profile, even the language we use to describe them, saying what we find “on the nose” and talking about “mouthfeel” and “acidity.”

    By Erin Meister
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