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How to Get Rid of All That Pet Hair For Good

How to Get Rid of All That Pet Hair For Good
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    Lots of Cute Animals Photos! (and the OXO FurLifter in Action)

    We love our furry friends, but sometimes their shedding can be less than purr-fect, which is why we created our line of FurLifters. They’re convenient, self-cleaning brushes that use microfiber to trap and lift lint, fur, and dust from clothing, upholstery, and more. We wanted to find a way to showcase not only the awesome things the FurLifter can do, but also give people an excuse to post pictures of their pets on Instagram (we’re going through a bit of a dog craze right now, so that might have been some of the motivation, too). So we herded together some of our favorite pet Instagram accounts and had them test the FurLifter in a variety of sizes.

    By Emily Connelly
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