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    Grilling 101: Everything You Need to Know to Feel Confident Behind the Grill this Summer from the Effortless Chic

    I really love to cook.  I enjoy the rhythm of chopping, dicing, and sautéing; waiting while faint scents become tantalizing aromas that engulf a space, and the pleasure of knowing that friends and family have been nourished by food.  It’s like therapy.  (Is cooking therapy a thing? It should be!)  I can poach and chiffonade like a pro and have single handedly cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner, but for whatever reason, have always been intimidated by a grill.  Is it the open flames? The propane tank? I have no idea, but it was on my bucket list to face my fears and master summer’s favorite cooking medium.  I had my friend and grilling extraordinaire, Lauren Daniel come over and stocked up on all of the OXO tools I would need in my arsenal.  Keep reading for the full step by step below, but, spoiler alert: it’s so easy! (We partnered with OXO on this post. Chances are you already own something that they make somewhere in your home!  They have everything you need for whatever you’re going to be cooking up this summer and beyond!  Their products make everyday living easier.)

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