All you need to savor the season

Summer of Flavor

Showcase summer's ripe, juicy flavors

Long, warm days produce a glorious bounty of peak-season fruit. Put sun-ripened sweetness in everything—from pies and tarts to salads and sangria—with our trusted tools.

Strawberry Huller

More fruit, less fuss. Designed with a non-slip handle and stainless steel blades, this convenient huller removes strawberry stems easily—and in seconds—without wasting a bit of precious berry.

Peach Pitter

Prep peaches and other summer-ripe stone fruits with ease. Made with durable stainless steel and a non-slip handle for control, this clever corer quickly removes any size pit while keeping the fruit intact. 

Veg out all season long

The warmest months boast a bevy of vibrant vegetables. For your next backyard barbecue or poolside party, spotlight farm-fresh, flavorful produce with our veggie-ready tools.

Scoop and Smash Avocado Tool

Great guacamole is only a scoop and smash away. This handy tool has a flexible four-blade design and allows you to guac out in your desired texture—from super creamy to extra chunky.

Corn Prep Peeler

Make the most of sweet summer corn. With a new compact design, our easy-to-maneuver peeler makes it easier than ever to remove kernels from the cob—smoothly and quickly with little waste. 

Refreshing recipes for summertime sipping

Beat the heat with crowd-pleasing coolers—from fruity white sangria to sweet iced tea—at your next summer shindig. And don’t forget our go-to drink accessories. Cheers!

Covered Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Summer begs for refreshment on the rocks. This stackable double-tray ice maker produces 48 small cubes, features flexible silicone for effortless removal and has a cover to keep out freezer odors. 

Reusable Straws

Sip, sip away without the single-use plastic. Made of durable stainless steel with soft silicone tips for comfort, these sustainable straws make drinking fun. Plus, they come apart for easy cleaning. 

Warm weather calls for cool treats

From indulgent ice cream to decadent no-bake desserts, refreshing treats are a summertime staple. Satisfy your sweet tooth all season long with the help of our warm weather must-haves. 

Insulated Bakeware Carrier

Ensure your prized icebox cake gets to the potluck intact. This insulated carrier holds most 9x13 baking dishes and keeps food hot or cold for hours. Plus, the zippered pouch can stash utensils or napkins.

Ice Cream Scoops

Perfect scoops, every time—without waiting for ice cream to soften first. With its unique pointed design and nonslip handle, our stainless steel scooper glides right through even deeply frozen treats.