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“From my restaurants to my home kitchen, I find myself reaching for the same reliable tools to get the job done. And I want to give people useful tips and tricks in the kitchen, so they can get great results on their own.”
Smarter Searing

Cinnamon Spiced Lamb Rice

Aromatic spices, dates, and pistachios make JJ’s recipe a mouthwatering treat.

Smarter Searing

Mise en Place

Chef JJ Johnson explains why he never skips this simple timesaver.

Smarter Searing

Smarter Searing with Chef JJ

Get the perfect pan sear every time with JJ Johnson’s expert guidance.

Refrigerator Organization

Cook Through Your Fridge

Tame refrigerator chaos and save time with guidance from Chef JJ Johnson.

Herbed Shrimp with Cilantro 
Lime Rice

Herbed Shrimp with Cilantro Lime Rice

I loved the cilantro lime rice my mom made from a box when I was a kid. Now I enjoy making my version
(with fresh herbs and lime juice) 
for my family at home.​

OXO Collander

My Favorite OXO Tool: Rice & Grains Washing Colander

“The OXO Colander is one of my most-used tools 
in the kitchen. It’s great how the extra drain holes 
in the pour spout remove excess water while keeping my rice contained.”​

JJ Johnson

Co-founder and CEO of FIELDTRIP | New York, NY

With his rapidly growing multi-unit fast casual rice bowl concept, JJ champions sustainability, working closely with rice farmers and producers to source the freshest ingredients. Now with four locations throughout New York City, he is a community advocate for food justice and equity, raising awareness within the industry. JJ also has a restaurant concept, E&J, slated to launch in August with Mark Lowry and the team at Wonder Foods. ​

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