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“All my OXO tools last forever — and if you cook as much as I do, you know how unique and awesome that is. They stand the test of time.”
Toast Two Ways

Toast Two Ways

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, wholesome ingredients and Melissa’s expertise make for simple, delicious meals or snacks.

Tie-Dye Cupcakes

Tie-Dye Cupcakes

Groove right into the holidays with Melissa’s signature Tie-Dye Cupcake recipe.

Green Goddess Salad

How to Organize a Pantry Like a Pro

OXO’s Chef in Residence Melissa Ben-Ishay shares her top tips on how to tame the chaos in your pantry.

Salad Spinner

My Favorite OXO Tool: Salad Spinner

“I never knew I needed a salad spinner until I used the OXO one at my parent’s house—and then I was hooked. I use it to clean all my veggies and fruit, too.”​

Green Goddess Salad

Green Goddess 

Get chopping for my favorite veggie-packed salad to eat with chips.​

Melissa Ben-Ishay

Co-founder and CEO of Baked by Melissa | New York, NY

Founded in 2008, Baked by Melissa is a New York-based dessert company celebrated for its bite-size treats. Now there are multiple retail stores in the New York City metropolitan area and beyond, plus shipping available nationwide. In 2020, Melissa gained popularity on TikTok with videos of her salads and everyday meals, each developed to give you the perfect ratio of flavors in every bite—just like her namesake cupcakes.​

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