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About Us

Our Brands

OXO is committed to making everyday living easier by identifying opportunities for meaningful improvement in life’s everyday tasks. Each of our brands embodies the thoughtful design and innovative features that make OXO OXO.

With its signature non-slip, comfortable handles, OXO Good Grips pioneered the application of user-centered design to tools for the home.

OXO On brings you the simplicity, functionality and thoughtfulness you’ve come to expect from OXO, all with the touch of a button.

OXO SteeL combines functionality and sophistication through durable construction, soft lines and elegant curves.

Whether you strive to join a gym, play a sport, hike, bike or run, you can count on OXO Strive’s innovation and quality to help keep you going.

OXO Tot’s thoughtful solutions and innovative features help make it easier to grow, nurture and care for your little ones whether you’re at home or on the go.