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Good Grips

Glass Pour-Over Dripper


Hand-blown borosilicate glass and stainless steel for an elegant pour-over experience

Hand-crafted coffee, pure and simple
Whether it’s part of your daily routine or something you save for special occasions, we believe making hand-crafted pour-over coffee at home should be easy and elegant. This glass Dripper fits neatly on many different types of mugs and has a stainless steel ring featuring a soft silicone ring underneath to prevent dings or scratches. The window in the ring helps you monitor coffee level, even if your favorite mug is opaque, and the borosilicate glass will preserve the quality of every rich, flavorful sip.

  • Pure and simple: Hand-blown borosilicate glass Dripper brews into mugs or carafes

  • Single or multi-serve: Makes single cups, or up to four servings of coffee

  • Take a peek: Stainless steel ring features a cut-out for a clear view into opaque mugs

  • Non-slip: Silicone pad under ring stabilizes Dripper

  • Easy to clean: Ring and Dripper separate for easy, thorough cleaning

(How to use)
1. Place filter inside dripper. Pour hot water in center of filter to pre-wet.
2. Add medium ground (drip) coffee. Pour enough water to saturate grounds. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Slowly pour water evenly over grounds, until all water is used.
4. Enjoy!

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