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Microfiber Floor Duster with Scuff Eraser

No Need to Dust Til Dawn!

Remove dirt and dust from your floor with ease

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The OXO Microfiber Floor Duster with Scuff Eraser has dual functionality for all of your dusting needs. The large microfiber pad is perfect for easy dusting, while the Scuff Eraser is ideal for getting rid of scuffs and marks.

Scrub it Out!

Dark marks and dusty corners are no problem for the Scuff Eraser! Quickly clean marks on your floor, baseboards, and even your wall with the Scuff Eraser's tough surface. Its unique shape makes it easy to clean small spaces and corners.

Bust Dust

The Duster’s microfiber head is nice and broad to clean large surfaces efficiently. The microfiber surface quickly traps dirt, dust and other debris. It’s also machine washable so there’s no waste – just take off the pad and rinse for repeat uses.

Good Grips

Microfiber Floor Duster with Scuff Remover


Dust the day away

With a broad microfiber head that traps dust and dirt, a comfortable handle, and a sturdy, lightweight pole, cleaning is a breeze. If you see a scuff, simply step on the pedal to release the scuff eraser for easy spot-cleaning. Then glide the scuff remover right back in and continue cleaning with the pivoting microfiber head. The microfiber pad is machine washable, and scuff eraser refills are available.

SKU 12184400
Materials Microfiber, Stainless Steel
Dimensions 3.2" x 7.7" x 52.8"
Packaged Weight 1.8 Lbs
Machine Washable

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