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Good Grips

Electronics Cleaning Brush


Gently removes hard-to-reach dust and debris

Keep your phones, computers and other electronics dust-free. The slim silicone wiper fits into little nooks around keyboard keys and screen edges, and the brush is soft enough for camera lenses and other sensitive areas. Includes a cap for wiper and retractable bristles.

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  • Soft bristles gently sweep away dust
  • Slim silicone wiper grabs dirt from small, hard-to-reach places Ideal for keyboards, computer screens, cell phones and more
  • Bristles retract for storage
  • Silicone wiper is protected by cap when not in use
SKU 1313180V1
Materials Silicone wiper
Dimensions 0.75" x 4.2" x 10.4"
Packaged Weight 0.1 lbs

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