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OXO Good Grips Baker's Dusting Wand

Twist, Scoop & Dust

Evenly, neatly sprinkle flour, powdered sugar and spices

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A Quick Flick of The Wrist

That’s all it takes. One half of the wand is perforated for even distribution and the other is solid so you can neatly rest it on countertops.

An Alternative Use

Another popular OXO product -- the Twisting Tea Ball -- was the inspiration for the Baker’s Dusting Wand. During lunches in OXO’s test kitchen, a product manager saw fellow OXOnians using the Tea Ball to sprinkle powdered sugar on Challah, cinnamon on cappuccinos, flour on baking surfaces and so on.

Identifying The Issue

The product manager, ever-attentive to detail, also noticed that while the fully porous surface of the Tea Ball was excellent for letting tea steep, it allowed powdered sugar and spices to escape during dusting, creating a mess.

The Solution

Surmising that lots of other people probably had the same idea and the same challenge, the product manager saw an opportunity to solve an everyday problem. And so began the development of the Baker’s Dusting Wand, which has a solid base for mess-free use.

Good Grips

Baker's Dusting Wand


Evenly, neatly sprinkles flour, powdered sugar and spices

With a quick twist to open and close, and a half-solid, half-perforated globe design, the Baker's Dusting Wand is designed to prevent clumps, dumps and powdery messes. Perforation allows for evenly floured baking pans and lightly dusted baked goods. Sized to fit in most flour containers for storage.

SKU 11133000
Materials Stainless steel
Dimensions 1.63" x 1.63" x 6.50"
Packaged Weight 0.1 lbs
Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel

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