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OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker

The Art of Perfect Coffee...

...down to an exact science.

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One Smart Coffee Maker

A delicious cup of coffee is art and science combined: the art of extracting rich flavors and aromas from coffee grounds, and the science of time and temperature colliding in just the right way, at just the right moment.

The OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker heats water to the optimal temperature to help your favorite roast reach its full potential, and precisely maintains the temperature throughout the entire brewing process. Water is pumped to the brew basket in perfectly timed cycles, starting with a short cycle that allows coffee to bloom for full flavor extraction. The intelligent microprocessor monitors time and temperature from start to finish, ensuring the precision of hand-crafted coffee with the ease of ordering at your favorite local coffee shop.

You choose the number of cups and we’ll do the rest, creating a pot of perfection every time.

See It In Action

A simple touch of a button wakes up your Coffee Maker, displaying everything you need to know using seamless, backlit LED technology.

The Experts Agree

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is a non-profit trade organization and world-recognized leader in coffee knowledge development. The organization sets and maintains the quality standards for the industry.

The SCAA only certifies home brewers that meet their rigorous technical requirements. The OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker has been recognized as an exemplary home brewer by the SCAA for meeting their water temperature, brew time and overall quality standards.

Intuitive LED Interface

The backlit screen displays the Coffee Maker status and freshness indicator. A single dial allows you to program the number of cups you'd like to brew. You can select between two settings: 2-4 cups or 5-9 cups. 2-4 cups can be used to brew a single serving of delicious coffee, while 5-9 cups is perfect for sharing. In either case, the machine will automatically adjust the brew time to account for the amount of coffee you want to brew.

Precise Control of Water Temperature & Volume

Water is heated and held throughout the brew cycle at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8°F). Once it is brought up to temperature, the water is pumped to the brew basket in perfectly timed cycles, starting with a short cycle that allows coffee to bloom for full flavor extraction. 

Intelligent Microprocessor

The Coffee Maker's internal microprocessor monitors all operations and controls for the 3 things that can make or break a cup of coffee -- brew time, water temperature and water volume -- to achieve consistently perfect results.

Rainmaker Showerhead

Water is evenly dispersed over the coffee grounds for uniform saturation and full flavor extraction.

Cone Shaped Brew Basket

The basket shape ensures that the grounds bed is sized for full flavor extraction whether you're making 2 or 9 cups of coffee.

Internal Mixing Tube

Coffee is blended thoroughly as it is brewed into the carafe, so the last sip is as delicious as the first..

Freshness Timer

Know how long it's been since your coffee finished brewing

Wake-up Timer

Set your brew to start whenever you'd like

Vacuum-Insulated Carafe

Double-walled, stainless steel carafe with brew-through lid keeps your SCAA-certified brew hot and fresh.


Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker


Perfect coffee, brewed at the push of a button

We designed the Barista Brain to regulate brew time, water temperature and volume, the three variables that can make or break a pot of coffee. Simply add water and ground coffee and select the number of cups to brew -- the machine will handle the rest, giving you perfect coffee every time. Note: Voltage is 120V/60Hz

More Details  

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  • Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle produces 2-9 cups of perfect coffee
  • Backlit screen and one-dial interface accesses coffee/tea cup selection, 24-hour programmable brew-start, freshness timer, and more
  • Single-serve setting lets you easily make one mug
  • Water temperature is precisely heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8F) throughout the entire brew cycle
  • Pump distributes water over coffee grounds in timed cycles for optimal flavor extraction
  • Basket shape ensures grounds bed is sized for full flavor extraction
  • Carafe provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for controlled, easy pouring
  • Double-walled carafe keeps your brew hot and fresh
  • Coffee is blended thoroughly as it is brewed into the carafe so the first sip is as delicious as the last
  • 1 coffee scoop & 10 filters included
SKU 8710100V1
Materials Double-walled stainless steel carafe; Silicone
Dimensions 15" x 8.3" x 17.2"
Packaged Weight 11.4 lbs
Capacity 9-cup
Double Wall Heat Safe Silicone New Soft Non Slip Grip Stainless Steel

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