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Good Grips

10-Piece POP Container Set


Keeps your dry foods fresh and your home organized

Stackable and space-efficient, POP Containers are designed for modular use, so you can organize in any number of height combinations to fit your countertop and pantry. Push-button mechanism creates an airtight seal with just one touch. Corners are shaped for pouring. Lids come apart for cleaning. This Set includes: one 4.0 qt Container, one 2.5 qt Container, one 2.4 qt Container, one 2.1 qt Container, two 0.9 qt Containers, two 0.5 qt Containers, and two 0.3-quart Containers.

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  • Set includes: one 4.0-qt Container, one 2.5-qt Container, one 2.4-qt Container, one 2.1-qt Container, two 0.9-qt Containers, two 0.5-qt Containers, two 0.3-qt Containers
  • 4.0-qt Container ideal for a 5 lb bag of flour or sugar
  • 2.5-qt Container ideal for rice, pasta or breadsticks
  • 2.4-qt Container ideal for cookies or crackers
  • 2.1-qt Container ideal for spaghetti, linguini or lasagna
  • 0.9-qt Containers ideal for brown sugar or nuts
  • 0.5-qt Containers ideal for tea bags, candy or sugar cubes
  • 0.3-qt Containers ideal for spices, dried chilies or bouillon
  • Airtight seal with the press of a button
  • Press button once to seal Container and again to open
  • Pop-up button serves as a handle to remove lid Container corners allow for easy pouring
  • Modular stacking system for optimal countertop and pantry organization
  • Square shapes maximize space-efficiency
  • Silicone gasket is dishwasher safe; hand wash all other parts
  • Also great for use in the garage, sewing room, play room and more
  • BPA free
SKU 1165700
Materials Plastic, Silicone
Dimensions 4.0-qt: 6.2'' x 6.2'' x 9.3''
2.5-qt: 4.2'' x 6.2'' x 9.3''
2.4-qt: 6.2'' x 6.2'' x 6.2''
2.1-qt: 4.25'' x 4.25'' x 13.5"
0.9-qt: 4.2'' x 4.2'' x 6.2''
0.5-qt: 4.2'' x 6.2'' x 3.1''
0.3-qt: 4.2'' x 4.2'' x 3.1''
Packaged Weight 12.05 lbs
Capacity 4.0 qts, 2.5 qts, 2.4 qts, 2.1 qts, 0.9 qts, 0.5 qts and .3 qts
bpa free

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