OXO is joining
1% for the Planet

We’re committing 1% of our annual sales
to support environmental nonprofits.

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Our planet is the home we all share. We have every reason to make it better.

OXO is proud to join 1% for the Planet. By committing 1% of our annual sales, we’re empowering nonprofits to tackle environmental issues that affect us all. For 30 years, we’ve designed products that make every day better at home. Now, we’re committing to making every day better for the planet.

Our Membership

1% for the Planet is a global community of brands and individuals giving back to environmental nonprofits.
To date, these members have donated $250 million to organizations making a positive impact on the earth.

Why Now?

Now is the time to act. By joining 1% for the Planet, we're taking an essential step toward greater environmental responsibility. After years of striving to make every day better in the home, we believe as a global brand we must give back to the planet we all call home.

Our Causes

We’re giving time, money and resources to nonprofits on the frontlines of environmental issues. Our continuing contribution will impact three vital areas: sustainable food systems, cleaner air and water, and environmental education.

What’s Next?

We pledge to do our part and look within, investigating all aspects of our business to create environmentally responsible solutions. Together, we can make a difference.

“OXO’s commitment to make every
day better makes them a great addition
to our global movement. We’re poised
to do great things, together.”

Kate Williams, CEO, 1% for the Planet