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grilled dishes
Easy Barbecue Ideas For a Small Group

Celebrate the summer season with a cookout that’s just right for a smaller crowd.

8 min
grill tools
Grilling for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to grill with these useful tips.

19 min
oxo angled measuring cups
[Re]Designing with Purpose

OXO’s iconic angled measuring cup gets a refresh that combines functionality and sustainability, showcasing the company’s commitment to kitchen products that are better for the planet.

6 min
milk and eggs in measuring cups
Surprising Ways to Get More out of Your Glass Measuring Cup

It’s not just for measuring liquids. You can prepare recipes and even cook with your glass measuring cup, too.

9 min
chef with chopped salad
The Secret to a Perfect Chopped Salad

Make salad the star of your meal with tips from OXO Chef in Residence Melissa Ben-Ishay.

4 min
Which Measuring Cup is Right for You?
Which Measuring Cup Is Right for You?

Is there a point to different measuring cups? Indeed there is! Read on for the scoop (or rather the cup) on when to reach for which version.

9 min
6 Tips To Make a More Sustainable Kitchen
8 Products That Will Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Make strides toward a sustainable lifestyle with these eco friendly kitchen products.

7 min
chef in kitchen with toast
Toast Two Ways: Sweet and Savory With OXO Chef in Residence Melissa Ben-Ishay

Looking to take your breakfast staple beyond butter and jam? Try these two creative recipes from the chef behind Baked by Melissa.

3 min
mandolin with sliced vegetables
Learn About Mise En Place From OXO Chef in Residence JJ Johnson

Organizing your ingredients before you begin to cook is a game-changer, no matter what you’re making. Learn about this foundational technique from our OXO Chef in Residence.

8 min
frosting a cupcake
How to Make Baked by Melissa’s Tie-Dye Cupcakes

Whip up a batch of colorful cupcakes with tips from the queen of tie-dye treats.

2 min
chef using tongs on steak in pan
How to Pan Sear with OXO Chef in Residence JJ Johnson

Steak, scallops, chicken, and veggies are made even more delicious with a pan sear. Grab a skillet and learn these tips for an easy, one-pan dinner hack from our OXO Chef in Residence.

10 min
oxo knife sharpener
The Finer Points of Knife Sharpening

Most of us use our kitchen knives regularly. But when it comes to sharpening them? Not so much. And yet a sharp knife is much safer than a dull one. Here, everything you need to know to safely sharpen your knives at home. 

19 min