For over 30 years, OXO has looked at everyday tasks and created tools to make every day easier, simpler, and more enjoyable.

Along the way, we’ve met many people who inspire us—especially in the kitchen. These chefs, bakers, cookbook authors, and recipe developers bring a natural curiosity and passion to everything they create, just like our team here at OXO.

That’s why we’re proud to launch OXO Chefs in Residence, a collaborative series with three inspiring cooks and creators to bring more “better” to your kitchen. Think of them as our in-house culinary gurus. OXO Chefs in Residence look at the world of OXO through the eyes of a professional chef. We’ll discover what brings them joy—in and out of the kitchen and see how they use our tools to create culinary magic. Join us as we explore new kitchens—and new perspectives—with OXO Chefs in Residence.

Go in-depth with the Chefs. Get recipes, cooking tips, videos and other OXO exclusives