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Take Your Thanksgiving Turkey to the Next Level with These Flavor Injector Recipes

Looking for a way to make your Thanksgiving turkey even more juicy and delicious? Try injecting your marinade or brine straight into the bird this year for maximum flavor, with these six great flavor ideas.

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Rubs, marinades and sauces can deliver a lot of seasoning to the surface of your bird but only sink in a few measly millimeters. Brining does a better job, but requires planning ahead and takes up valuable real estate in your fridge. We’ve found that the best way to add flavor and moisture to your turkey is by injecting it. The OXO Flavor Injector(Opens in a new window) adds marinades, brines, butter and other flavorings directly into meat or poultry in seconds.

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How to Inject a Turkey

Fill the flavor injector with your favorite brine or marinade and insert it into the breast and thighs of the turkey. If your brine or marinade has any solid components (i.e. spices or herbs), use the larger needle. Otherwise, the small needle should do. Plus, get more tips on how to use a meat marinade injector.

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What to Inject a Turkey With

It’s an easy equation: for a 15 lb turkey, combine 2 cups of liquid and/or fat + 1 Tbs of Kosher salt. Then add seasonings of your choice. Here are a couple variations to get your creative juices flowing. Trust us—once you go butter, you’ll never go back.

1. Basic Brine

Liquid: Chicken stock

Additions: 1 tsp sugar

2. Butter & Beer

Liquid: butter + beer

Additions: Worcestershire, garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce

3. Herby Turkey

Liquid: butter + chicken stock

Additions: rosemary, sage & thyme

4. Italian

Liquid: chicken stock + olive oil + red wine vinegar

Additions: Italian seasoning + splash of balsamic

5. Spicy & Smoky

Liquid: butter +white wine + chicken stock + orange juice

Additions: ground Aleppo pepper or paprika (smoked or regular)

6. Brown Sugar & Mustard

Liquid: water + brown sugar +mustard

Additions: cayenne pepper, garlic powder, thyme

OXO Good Tip: Save dried out cornbread or muffins by injecting them with maple syrup & butter!

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Zoe Mikhailovich is a guest contributor on the blog, and part of OXO’s Tools and Gadgets team.


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