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This platform dictates the way brands show up in its space, and there’s not a lot of opportunity for branding. One way we achieve brand presence is through annotated images, using our Futura typeface to clearly and helpfully call out features and benefits, along with our OXO logo (on every image save for the first thumbnail).

Amazon Brand Store

Our Amazon Brand Store is straightforward, leading with our categories, and providing more brand background and ideas below-the-fold.

Amazon A+

The Amazon A+ pages are a chance to engage the curious consumer, the people who are seriously considering purchasing but need more information. It's a chance to clarify anything thats hard to convey in a bullet or a thumbnail, and to take credit for things we know consumers will care about. This copy should be clear and informative, without being too lengthy, and paired with images to catch someone's eye as they scroll down the page. 

AMG - Amazon Media Group

Amazon is a way of life, and we advertise on this platform to stay top of mind as people shop. Our AMG ads (Amazon Media Group) are clean, modern and straightforward. Similar to our display ads, our products are always the hero, accompanied by succinct, straightforward headlines.

AMG - Amazon Media GroupAMG - Amazon Media Group