Product Lines

OXO has over 2,000 products across five lines; Brand Architecture is the framework through which we organize the parts and pieces of our robust portfolio.

We’ve defined each of our five lines, and defined their relationship to each other, which is especially key for lines that have products in similar categories: OXO GoodGrips, OXO SoftWorks and OXO Steel. There is a reason why each line exists, and each brings something different and special to the mix.

Product Line Definitions

Product Line


Essential Quintessentials

Better Building Blocks

Substance with Style

Savor Every Day

Better Baby Days



Iconic, Modern Classic


Purposeful, Smart


Elegant Design, Elevated Materials

Respectful, Nuanced, Precise, Simple, Inspired


Charming, Confident



OXO Good Grips is the essential, quintessential range of home products that make everyday living better, every day. Over the decades, OXO Good Grips iconic products changed the game: they changed the home product paradigm, they raise the bar on thoughtful design, they improve everyday living.

OXO SoftWorks is a range of better tools for everyday living. They are thoughtfully designed to tackle life’s everyday tasks — it’s everything you need, thought through and carefully curated.


OXO Steel is a focused assortment of kitchen and entertaining essentials with OXO’s thoughtful, problem solving design. Each product is made from elevated materials like stainless steel and transition from kitchen to table with elegance and ease.

OXO Brew is respectful of and inspired by the world of coffee and tea. Each product takes history, process, technique and marries it with OXO’s characteristic thoughtful design, simplicity and problem-solving.

OXO Tot is everyday essentials for baby and toddler, made better. OXO’s thoughtful design solves problems and anticipates needs, so parents can care for their little ones with greater confidence and ease, and focus on the good stuff: making meaningful memories and embarking on life’s little adventures.