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for Ground Delivery before 12/24

Free shipping on all orders over $49. See terms



We come to life across social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. While we’re one brand with one voice, we toggle to messages and formats appropriate to each channel. We share news and information, videos and photographs and recipes. We often try to engage with out followers and start a conversation.
Social Channels#


Instagram is a place for us to showcase our portfolio in a lifestyle setting;  increasing awareness of OXO as a brand for every area of the home. The copy should be informative and clear, but playful. Limited emojis, pop culture references, and word play/puns are okay, within reason. Captions should have a call to action and the link in bio should always be up to date.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories mimic our email content in photography and copy, broken up into bite-size slides for a cohesive look and feel. Every story should have a "swipe up" slide that links to the relevant content. 


For OXO, Pinterest is about inspiring consumers to make everyday better, every day with the help of OXO’s products and expertise. Some content mimics email themes, but some should also be evergreen posts. Boards should be organized and content should be sized especially for Pinterest. 


On Facebook, we are fielding real-time questions and feedback from consumers, and sharing lifestyle content that communicates OXO's brand story and personality. The banners should match the email monthly themes, and the copy should be short and end in a call to action.


On Twitter, we are highlighting brand news and interacting with consumers in real time. Keeping copy under 100 characters performs best, and images and videos should be included whenever possible.