Our Brand

OXO Brand Strategy captures what our brand stands for, what makes it special. There are three components to this strategy.

Brand Essence:

Our internal rallying cry—the shorthand for what we stand for.



Brand Story:

Our brand narrative, combining rational and emotional elements into a cohesive narrative that explains what we do, why we do it and what makes us special.



Brand Personality:

A unique bundle of human traits that informs tone and behavior.

Brand Essence
Make Everyday Better, Every Day

We are makers of tools, gadgets, items and objects


Our products are created for the everyday: everyday tasks, chores, cooking, cleaning, entertaining.


We make tools that make the everyday better—simpler, easier, more user-friendly and even more enjoyable. If we can’t make something better, we won’t make it.


People use our products every day. We’re hard at work inventing, engineering, creating and refining—every single day.

Brand Story
At OXO, we believe there is a better way.

We notice things. We notice problems people don’t realize are problems until we solve them. We see opportunities to improve a part of everyday life, and we make things that make things better.


We see the big picture and the small details, and we think through it all. We consider how a tool functions—how it fits into hands, how it fits into lives—and we design a better way.


We create a better way for all. With OXO tools, people who love tasks love them more; people who hate tasks hate them less.


We see a better way, and we make it happen: Better quality, better performance, better experience. We’re always searching, always solving, always making tools that make everyday better. 

Brand Personality

A brand should have its own unique character.

Here’s how we define ours:

Curious About the World

We like figuring out how things work; taking them apart, putting them together. Making them better.


Welcoming & Inclusive

OXO welcomes all. Our products are made to fit into lots of hands, and into lots of everyday moments.

Honest & Honorable

We are straightforward and transparent in all that we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Heroic & Humble

Our products pull off some impressive feats, but they don’t seek the spotlight either.

Considered & Considerate

Everything we do has a great deal of thought behind it, from categories to company culture.


Our products inspire love, because people can rely on us, and we often surprise and delight them, too.